Audioblog for Sept 7, 2004

Here is the audioblog for September 7, 2004. Today is an atypically silly entry, as I’m in an odd mood. I talk about how the best panel I was ever on at an SF convention seemed like it would be the worst, Achewood and Bootsy Collins, Toots and the Maytals, and how the disappearance of the Dictaphone brand ruins my favorite joke.

Links mentioned in this episode:
Achewood – in particular this strip and this one

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2 thoughts on “Audioblog for Sept 7, 2004”

  1. Tim Gould says:

    Hey, I don’t normally drive much but jumped in the car last night for a zoom through national park south of Sydney, and got up to date on EGC 🙂

    But, at times I want to use get_enclosures from behind a proxy. Here’s a one liner to make that work:





    Easy as that. Also, I started using iPodder first and now have playlists for feeds in place. Switching to get_enclosures, there appears to be a problem putting files into existing playlists:

    Getting for Christopher Lydon Interviews (with Enclosures) to file greynolds.mp3
    -1753 at ./ line 229.

    Cheers from Oz,


  2. Dave says:

    Tim, I’ll add that line to the next release. Thanks for that. I’m not sure what the AppleScript error is. There shouldn’t be any issue with the playlist already existing or not existing. Which version are you using?

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