Jon Udell on MP3 Clipping

Here’s an article by Jon Udell about how to refer to subsections within MP3s. He has a tool running for it, a Python script that serves as an “excerptor” for MP3s. Hmmm, maybe you really can “excerpt your post effectively” in an audioblog. Ha!

Update: Here’s a test to see if we can excerpt a joke out of today’s audioblog.

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One thought on “Jon Udell on MP3 Clipping”

  1. Chris C. says:

    Oh. My. God. This is awesome. One item that I’m not clear on: Udell’s server is just doing the URL manipulation for me, right? It’s not actually retreiving and forwarding the media chunk? I ask because until I A) figure out how to set this up myself or B) other similar services become available, I don’t want to load down his server with my stoopid excerpt URL requests. If it’s just a quick run of a lightweight script then I don’t feel bad about just hacking the URL of what I need and letting it rip.

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