Audacity Lesson

Thanks to a quick writeback from Jay, I found out that today’s audioblog entry was boned. For reference, although you can mute individual tracks in Audacity when you have a multitrack project, when you export it to MP3 apparently those play anyway. Yikes! I had a chunk that I decided not to use but wanted to keep anyway, so I just left that track in and muted it. Until I got Jay’s writeback I hadn’t realized that track was exported anyway. Live and learn. If you got the MP3 in the first 30 minutes or so after I published it, it was screwed. If you like the screwed up one, hey, cool. Otherwise, the new one will be up shortly. Sorry!

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2 thoughts on “Audacity Lesson”

  1. Jay says:

    No apologies necessary, man. It’s all part of what makes these early days of the internet audio thing so fun. It’s not all perfect and full of corporate spit polish. It’s real.

  2. Dave says:

    Well, pushing out bad files isn’t one of my goals. Since the underlying theme of all these iPodder style files is to increase your efficiency at keeping your que of interesting things filled, I hate to be an offender in causing hiccups. I hope that this didn’t cause too much inconvience for anyone.

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