Audioblog for Sept 16, 2004

Here is the audioblog for September 16, 2004. In this episode, I talk about getting excerpted by Adam Curry, clarify a little about my thoughts of Big Media and the RIAA, tell an anecdote from the Reality Break days that illustrates why the episodes that I think are the worst are sometimes the ones other people think are the best.

Links mentioned in this episode:

I’ve gotten a few inquiries about the theme song. As a refresher, the song is called “Last Day at the Office” and is by the fabulous band Gentle Readers from their album Hi Honey. While that particular song is not available online as an MP3, there are three other fantastic songs available from that link above, including “California”, which is my favorite song from the album. At that page, you can go to the Flat Earth Records store and order the album. I’m refreshing an offer I have made before. If anyone that reads this follows the links above or goes to Amazon and buys this album on my recommendation and then does not like it for any reason, I will buy the album from you. Ship it to me and I’ll send you a check for what you paid plus shipping. I think it’s that good that I’m offerering a personal money back guarantee on it.

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  1. Mark Topham says:

    While written up as a blog (Slashdot Journal.. ugh), it is somewhat directed at Dave Slusher and Adam Curry.

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