Bram Cohen on TV

I just remembered that I wanted to try to watch the episode of The Screen Savers with Bram Cohen on it (the web page inexplicably calls him “Gram”). As it happens, I remembered just in time to turn on the TV and hear them announce him coming up as they went to commercial. It’s on right now so we’ll see how it goes. Another segment has come and gone, and still no Bram Cohen.

Update: He segment was on, which might have been illustrative for layment but didn’t have anything I didn’t already know. Bram seemed pretty cool, almost exactly the kind of person you’d expect him to be – skinny and nerdy and smart. They flashed some text on the screen saying that Cohen makes his living from donations via his website, which is quite cool. I’m glad I watched this so I didn’t feel like I was missing anything, but I wouldn’t really have missed anything.

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