Brief Experiment

I’m taking a quick break from my daily work to experiment with the WiFi on the back porch. This house has a screened-in one that has been sadly underutilized in our first month here. The weather is beautiful – about 73 degrees – and I’m sitting here, smelling some bush that has this sassafras kind of root beer like smell, feeling the breeze and am connected via a strong signal to my network. In fact, for some odd reason I get a better signal here than in the living room, even though I’m twice the distance from the WAP. I’m sure the reason is topographical and has something to do with the amount of walls between here and my office.

Other than a little bit of glare on the laptop’s LCD screen, this is a highly pleasant way to be. I might find myself spending more and more time working out here. Experimental results: success!

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  1. Will people walk by and see you talking into a microphone and wonder what you are doing?

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