America’s Favorite Charlatan

Now that Uri Geller is no longer on the scene and Miss Cleo is off the air and Crossing Over has been cancelled, I think Dr. Phil is now America’s most beloved completely full-of-shit and quacklike fraud. Just looking at him makes my blood boil. In an earlier time, he’d be grifting from town to town trying to sell phony swampland and cheap bibles. That this asshole is a big rich success fills me with a sense that justice doesn’t get met often enough in this life.

Update: I’ve now watched two segments of him on Letterman and he is just a complete cock, in that jokey “I’m saying these aggressively insulting things but really it’s all a big joke, wink wink” way. What do people like about this gasbag, exactly? In 12 minutes, he has said that all answers to any of life’s questions are in his book about 15 times.

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