Audioblog for Sept 21, 2004

Here is the Bittorrent link, direct MP3 download (through the Coral service) and direct MP3 download (directly from here for those who can’t get it from Coral) for the audioblog for September 21, 2004. In this episode, I talk even more about the experimental Bittorrent RSS feed, smacking my lips while I record these posts, my insight about the Buckminster Fuller-like nature of Bittorrent, Clayton Christensen and disruptive technology, and my story about climbing on stage with Southern Culture on the Skids in a Mexican wrestling mask. For the first time ever, the EGC audioblog is longer than that day’s Daily Source Code!

Links mentioned in this episode:

As a reminder, while you listen to the story about me in a luchadore mask, here is what I look like in it.

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Dave Slusher is a blogger, podcaster, computer programmer, author, science fiction fan and father. Member of the Podcast Hall of Fame class of 2022.

8 thoughts on “Audioblog for Sept 21, 2004”

  1. Shannon says:

    Oh well, tanstaet isn’t as good an acronym as tanstaafl. A little input on your audioblog experiment from a busy family man: I find audioblogs an interesting “personal radio show” phenomenon, but like the various radio and TV shows I’d like to catch, there’s not enough time to soak it all in while still maintaining my father-figure and husband-ish activities. I can read the same info much faster, without being another noise source in the house, or being anti-social with headphones. Try not to cut back too far on your writing. -sln

  2. At first I thought todays show was stuck behnid a dead link, but after examing the URL it it turns out that this Coral stuff redirects me to a service that comes out of port 8090.

    I’m stuck behind a corporate fire wall and can only access a few ports like 80 and 110. I only have dial up access at home which is way too slow. Please can you just put up a normal link again which I can download at work, so I can listen on my way home.

    I love your show man! You can’t leave me fire-walled out of it. Please help!

  3. Dave says:

    Jeremy, I put up a direct link just now. That tells me what I need to know about Coral – that will be the one and only time I try that. If I hadn’t already thought that automatic Coralization was bad, this would have solidified that belief. Thanks for letting me know about the problems, and sorry for throwing a hitch in your plans.

  4. Will Simpson says:

    Love this audioblogging even though I’m no good at it.

    One problem with the way you are using bittorrent that I’ve experienced. If my agregator grabs your feed before you add the mp3 link to your posting, I don’t ever see it in my agregator. For a while there I was wondering what in the world you were talking about. To get to the mp3 link I have to double click on the posting and launch it in a browser to see the updated posting. Minor thing but thought you’d like to know.

  5. I really liked your Abdullah the Butcher Ribs story. I think this is one of the cool things about weblogs in general and audioblogs in particular: to provide a venue for stories (humorous or otherwise) which would otherwise go unshared or unpublished. I think yours would be an awfully difficult one to top. Any story which has Abdullah the Butchers ribs, pork induced hallucinations, and you going on stage in a Mexican wrestlers mask is just… well… I obviously need to get out more.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Shannon says:

    Hmmm – the one on which I write a slightly negative comment gets lots of pro comments. I guess I know where I stand in the new info economy! Cheers, Dave, and keep those number and letters coming. -sln

  7. Jeff Winkler says:

    Yeah, SCOTS kicks ass. Did they pass around the banana puddin’ when you saw them?

    WXPN in Philly used to spin Voodoo Cadillac… pretty funky for an NPR station.

  8. Dave says:

    Appreciate the comments. I actually am a pretty boring guy, but about once a year something crazy like this happens. After I get past a few stories, there are no more in the hopper. There was no banana pudding at this show, but we went to a New Year’s Eve show one time at which my wife got a big wad of it thrown in her hair.

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