RIP, Aaron Hawkins

Aaron Hawkins (aka Uppity Negro), a blogger I used to read and with whom exchanged blog-to-blog commentary, has died. This is quite sad. I don’t know that much about him personally, but thought he was quite a sharp cookie as a writer and blogger. I ran across him through the Chicago Localfeeds, and he often talked about comics and other things of interest to me. Eerily, the one time he linked to me was talking about Studs Terkel and how he doubted he’d ever make it to Studs’ age. That’s a bet I wish he had lost. Damn. Goodbye, Aaron.

Update: I found more details on the weblog of one of his friends. I was looking around for information on how he died. As a survivor of familial suicide, I feared the worst because I recognized the silence. When you see a post that someone has died and there are zero details about how or why, that almost always means suicide. Fucking tragically, that seems to be the case. Damn it.

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  1. NO. that is not the case! he died as a result of an accident involving a truck and him on the moped.

  2. You left a comment on a blog post from September 2004. Obviously, the Aaron Hawkins who killed himself in Chicago five years ago is not the same person who was in a traffic accident in Portland, Indiana last weekend.

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