Music Evangelism Seems to Be Working

I’ve been using this weblog to push music I like since the beginning, and recently I’ve actually seen some evidence that it is working. I know that Josh Jacob became a fan of the Siderunners after I played them in the audioblog. Right on! He’s in Illinois, so maybe they’ll tour to where he is and he can see them and give them money. This also answers a question about whether my audioblogs “play in Peoria.”

I’m making a leap here, and assuming that my advocacy of the Gentle Readers (the band of my theme) has rubbed off on Mathew Bischoff, who have them as his song of the day. I don’t know explicitly that he found out about them from here, but I’m in his blogroll. It would be fantastic if he found them not from here, because that means other people are pushing them or they are getting noticed. I truly love this band. Thanks, Matthew, for giving them a little blog love.

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3 thoughts on “Music Evangelism Seems to Be Working”

  1. I am sorry to say that I did find them here because I listen to EGC everyday and I am working on launching my own podcast soon so stay tuned. I am also looking for an equivalent of Wiretap for Windows XP.

    My show will probably be a technology help show that would cater to normal everyday users and geeks alike.

  2. Matthew, it isn’t a problem if you found out about them from here – the important thing is that you like them. They are truly a great band. I was just thinking it would be highly cool if there were other fans evangelizing them. This great band is not nearly as well known as they should be.

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