Audioblog for Sept 27, 2004

Here is the Bittorrent link and direct MP3 download for the audioblog for September 27, 2004. First episode with the new setup, so leave me feedback on how it sounds. I play feedback from Josh, Gordon and Ken; I discuss Adam’s advice to me and the comedy of errors in the weekend blogs; I play a song and pee my pants laughing.

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8 thoughts on “Audioblog for Sept 27, 2004”

  1. gordon says:

    Some comments on the audioblog:

    1) Josh had a minor issue with the term podcast. For for me it’s not so much an Apple term but something in the botanical sense. A pod is a casing or housing. In our case it encloses an audio file.

    2) Don’t take the “Slusheritis” 🙂 the wrong way. It’s a compliment. I’m well known for it myself.

    3) The accent. I’m Scottish but came to Australia for a 2 year working holiday over 20 years ago.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How components and buffers in the recording setup create delays in the audio going to your headphones.

  3. mike dunn says:

    “not safe for train” – definately, lol…

    from an alternate reality standpoint, standing in a suit on a muggy nyc bound train, listening to this show, and giggling is just not professional or dignified 😉

    just kidding – keep it flowing dave…

    concur on #1 & #2 of gordon’s comment above…

  4. Ken Kennedy says:

    Holy frack…did I sound like a dork, or WHAT? Sheesh. I was originally just going to make some notes, and re-record that, but I was in the moment yesterday, and figured what the hell. Ah well…what the hell!

    Oh…and for the 2 people in the world who couldn’t figure it out from Dave’s “obfuscation” *grin*, I work for Turner Broadcasting (nothing exciting…I’m a DBA down in the pits of admin-land). Doesn’t change my stance on RIAA, P2P, etc. (see my blog for many posts over the years ranting about them, and heck, I OWN [though I’ve done little with] the domain), but I sometimes feel a little weird when I realize that I work for the Big Media Man myself. But hey, it’s a living!

  5. mike dunn says:

    yes, ted would qualify as a “big media man” 😉

    do you know sam gassell, ken?

    if so, say hi from me…

  6. Steve Ivy says:

    Dave, I gotta have more cowbell! Where did you get that? I need it!

    I gotta fever! And the only prescription is more cowbell!

  7. Dave says:

    Steve, there’ s a link to the MP3, like, in this post.

    Gordon, you join the ranks of brilliant bastards! I like that interpretion much better than Doc’s acronymical strap on. Your accent is quite cool. I thought I remembered you saying in a podcast that you were Scots but I wasn’t 100% on that.

    Mike, glad you liked it. It had the same effect on me, but I had the luxury of being alone in the house at the time.

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