From Adam Curry’s Weblog comes this post about podcast audio routing:

The quest, was to create a setup, without external boxes, whereby you can record voice, mp3 players (or any audio application for that matter) and another person via iChatAV (works with AIM on windows). The other party also has to be able to hear the mixed feed, including audio clips, songs etc. Achieving this without creating piercing feedback loops and echo chambers was the rubik’s cube of my week.

Hugo has now posted a diagram and detailed instructions on setting up a Mac for ultimate multi-person audio recording via the internet. He uses some different apps, which is good since choice is better.

The answer lies in an open source software audio router called Soundflower.

Holy crap, this seems completely awesome! I downloaded Soundflower, although I probably won’t install it today. At least for us Mac users, this looks like the Holy Grail. Throw off the shackles of those Radio Shack mixers and rise up!

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