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Never let it be said that I’m not a good samaritan. Doc tells me that The Linux Show doesn’t have an RSS feed which I noted means it really isn’t podcast (TM). Well, bring the noise! They do now. I subscribed to that link and am getting all the files down via iPodderX right now.

I only did the last 4 shows, but I could do more. I’ll even commit to updating this every time they do a new show but it would be nice if one of them would ping me via email to remind me. I’ve got a lot shaking to remember to keep up with that. If the TLS guys want to just mirror that XML on their site, feel free. It all points at your archives anyway.

Update: Doc was nice enough to talk up this post. Although I’ve been trying to be something of a purist so that we get the podcast terminology set before it fragments and becomes confusing, I’ll admit that something he said pushes the limits of how one describes it. He described me as “podcasting the Linux Show.” Hmm, I’m not sure if that encompasses it. I’m publishing the RSS feed that enables that, but they are the ones with the MP3 archives. I would think that this is like a multiple-column key in a database. Jointly, they and I are doing something that is “podcasting.” I’m not doing it because I’m only putting up the RSS, not the files. They weren’t doing it before I published that RSS. It only exists jointly. Interesting, no? I’m not sure that either party in this can be considered to be podcasting the show, only the group taken as a whole.

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