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I need to permanently place this link somewhere prominent on the site here, but don’t forget that if you are using iPodderX or other Bittorrent aware podcast clients, you can aggregate the audioblogs from here via the Bittorrent RSS feed. If you can possibly use this feed rather than the standard, please do as it helps out with the bandwidth issues. All hail the mighty name of Bram Cohen!

Update: The misinformation wagon keeps rolling. I thought BT support was already working in iPodderX but maybe I’m confused. Didn’t it work in iSpider, off which this is based? Anyway, it might be premature to use this with iPodderX. Sorry for screwing y’all up.

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3 thoughts on “Bittorrent Feed”

  1. I am using ipodderx to snag your bittorrent files, it doesn’t seem to do anything with them but but em in a directory. Should it be running the torrent files or do I have to do that on my own.

  2. I had the same issue with iPodderX and EGC torrents. It looks like a bug in the code that the developer is aware of (this is what I can glean from the ipodder-dev list). From what I can see, since the torrent has mp3 in the filename, iPodderX saves it as an audio file but iTunes doesn’t know what to do with it. I hacked the code a bit on my machine and the mp3 downloaded via bittorrent like a champ.

  3. Yes, BitTorrent files are working fine in iPodder (based on the iSpider engine). (we did a small name-change!) Soon we’ll bring out a cross-platform version. I’ll keep you informed.

    Cheers, MV

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