Bittorrent Experiment: Wild Success

I haven’t been talking about the Bittorrent experiment here, partly because it has stopped feeling like an experiment and more like just the way I do business. Before I published the web link to today’s audioblog, I first published the link to the .torrent in the RSS feed a few hours prior. This was the only way anyone could have found out about it. Like always, I published the link in that RSS and started seeding it from here at the house. Within a few minutes I got my first peer connecting to me, and within say 20 or 30 minutes I had multiple other people who had complete full seeds rolling. At the high point, I had 11 different people downloading it simultaneously, and I by the time I published the web link I had served out a share ratio of 13 or so.

My own copy of iPodder happened to pick up the Bittorrent file as well, and I noticed from the logs that in the time it took for it to come down, the share ratio was actually over 1 – for this 11.5M file the iPodder bittorrent served out about 15M. That’s actually something that is pretty good to see. One of my worries about the whole use of the Bittorrent baked into iPodder is that because these processes are not sticking around and seeding after the download is done (at least, they aren’t now) that this wouldn’t help that much. It’s good evidence that things will be pretty good if just the partial download coming down can do such significant uploading. This suggests that for the iPodders, things will be pretty good with some simultaneity. Thus far, I’m delighted with the way this experiment has gone.

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3 thoughts on “Bittorrent Experiment: Wild Success”

  1. bits says:

    what is the deal with not being able to see the target of most of the links on your site in the status bar of firefox? i would like to be able to see where a link is taking me before i click on it.

  2. mike dunn says:

    for clarity – dave, i use firefox and see “all” the targets for links on your entire site – except for the google ads, and that is a problem w/ every site (not sure if it’s google or firefox) – not just egc…

  3. Dave says:

    I use the clicktrack blosxom plugin so that all the links in the stories are rewritten to be redirects off this site (not unlike what Google does now.) This lets me tell which outbound links people are following and gauge what people pay attention to. Sometimes you learn unpleasant truths, like that for a year after I posted about it, my most followed link was to the Robert Tilton “Farting Preacher” movie.

    If you have Javascript turned off, that might cause the issue. It uses Javascript to update the status bar so that instead of the very long URL (which is the original preceded by “” ) to a status that just says “to <orginal URL>”. If your Javascript in your Firefox isn’t allowing that, then maybe it is just showing nothing. Dunno, but it is probably related to that.

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