I subscribed to the podcast feed for DotNetRocks and am downloading some of the shows. I’m curious to listen to the programs. I can’t say I know that much about .NET, never having programmed to it, and if I’ve ever used something written to it I didn’t know it. Mostly I’m curious about their format and how the shows sound. It is good to see some other people putting out shows that are adopting the medium so readily.

This echoes something Curry and Winer were discussing on the most recent Trade Secrets – that radio people and those who create programming only need a 20 second explanation before they are excited by the possibilities of the platform. Particularly for those who already publish audio that they have MP3 archives for, it just makes sense. “You mean that if I write this simple XML file and make it match my files, people can have the programs automatically show up on my listeners computer? Sign me up!”

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