Attention Train

Earlier this evening I was interviewed for Wired News about podcasting. I’m not sure when the story will appear. I was one of the first interviewed for it, so I guess sometime when he either gets enough to file a story or gets tired of hearing the same few bits of information is when it will get filed. Watch the skies.

This was conducted via IM, which is actually a pretty pleasant way to go. You have a safety switch right before you send a message, where you can sanity check and make sure that’s what you want a reporter to get from you. That was very different when I was interviewed for the Atlanta paper about the Indigo Girls. Then, everything I said sounded stupid even as it left my lips, and getting put in print didn’t help it out one bit. I might conceivably have said something worth quoting this time out.

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  1. Adam Stanhope says:

    Any idea who came up with the idea for podcasting?

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