Wire Me Up

The Wired article I was interviewed for is now up on the website. By and large, it’s a pretty good story that captures the excitement certain of us have for the medium.

It has the obligatory “still, some say this is no biggie” section that any such article seems to have. Interestingly, the quote he pulled for that is from a weblog that I had left a comment on. I stand by what I said in that comment, the blase “Oh, I’ve been doing this for time period X because I’ve had downloadable audio files” comments all miss the point. You have only had this if arbitrary listeners were able to subscribe and have your files automatically appearing in their playlists without attention or intervention. That automatic handling is the podcasting, not the availability of the media files.

All in all, I think the IM interview worked well. In the final story I sounded less like a dumbass than baseline.

Update: A little farther down my pass in the aggregator, I found this post from Mitch Ratcliffe that also references me. Mitch and I talked earlier in the week and I had a good time speaking to him. It’s just dumb luck that the first post someone will hear now if they follow these very prominent links and listen begins with me explaining the origin of the “Evil Genius” tag. The downside is that it also has my angry response to the folks saying I talk too much about podcasting. Ah, the yin and the yang. Got to break some eggs to make an omelet, your mileage may vary, Viva Knievel.

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