Audioblog for Oct 10, 2004

Here is the Bittorrent link and direct MP3 download for the audioblog for October 10, 2004. I play the snippet of the Web Talk Radio crew talking about me; talk about Doc Searls and Ira Glass and Eric Rice; I wonder if I am in fact an asshole; discuss the market forces in podcasting; and I play a song from the Siderunners (with permission, natch.)

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6 thoughts on “Audioblog for Oct 10, 2004”

  1. Jim Kloss says:

    We’re listening to your Sunday EGC on Whole Wheat Radio right now … just wanted to comment quickly on 64kbps / 22kHz format. It’s GREAT! Sounds very good. Not sure if you’ve been using that format all along, but for a 35:22 audio segment, 16meg is reasonable for that level of quality. Your audio quality is really really good! Congrats!

    I’m not sure we can play the whole thing (our listeners are revolting a bit at 30 minutes of talk in between music) but I’m thinking about adding a full hour called something like “Podcasts Only” to be able to air these. We’re already picking up shorter segments automatically.

    We’re listening … keep it up!

  2. Jediwannabe says:

    I was listening to the OCT 10 episode of EGC today and it hit me…

    I’m still not sure how PODcasting actually works, but what is to stop companies from starting to PODcast ads “directly into your hip pocket” as you put it.

    I would love to see what precautions are in place to avoid this. Does a person have to “sign up” for a PODcast, and as adware has proven, there is very little Microsoft has done to protect internet surfer types from malicious code (which is why I use Firefox). Is there a way a company could grab you while your surfing, detect your iPODder connection and upload ads to you?

    Maybe I’m being a “black helicopter – conspiracy” type at the moment. But I think this may be something to discuss. I’ve had to become an expert at locating and destroying spyware and adware from my system. I don’t want to have to check for ads on an iPOD as well.

  3. Steve Ivy says:

    One note, jediwannabe: it’s podcast, not PODcast. Oh, and iPod, not iPOD.


  4. Jediwannabe says:

    I used the allcaps POD to show the importance of the platform, big brother, not to slaughter a well known brand name…

    Also, I was looking at the iPodder mail list, there is an individual working on an iPodder toolbar for IE.

    <b>Quote:</b><i>My podcast IE toolbar plugin in coming along nicely. The toolbar searches the current page for rss 2.0 feeds. It then displays each feed title in a dropdown box. There is a subscribe button that the user will click to subscribe to the selected feed.</i>

    <i>What I need now is a way to tell iPodder clients that the user clicked subscribe (and send the feed URL too).</i>

    This only agrivates my concerns as they are now discussing ways of passing the information from IE to the program, showing the individual signed up for the feed.

    I can see alot of potential for this, but I can also see where anyone that can decompile the toolbar could pass a “subscribe” to ipodder without a user knowing about it.

  5. Dana says:

    *with smirkage* You are a funny, funny man.

    I’m glad your ‘moment of Satori’ was all about your dickness because your self-deprication is so very amusing.

    Cheney-esque style – tee hee! I’m totally chagrined to have said you were .com and not .org. I’ll correct that on the next show that we put on “the Internet(s)”.

  6. gary says:

    Gary, that’s highly cool! I didn’t even know that the album was in iTunes until you told me. I thank you for your support, and I’m sure the Siderunners do too.

    Dana, thanks a lot. I was tickled about y’alls commentary on my show that I used it as fodder for some silly comedy. Thanks for the mention and for your kind words, I’m a big fan of y’all as well.

    JWB, you are not going to get ads surreptitiously. You only get the things from the feeds you subscribe to. If you stop liking a feed or if they begin carrying ads and it bugs you, then you unsubscribe. It’s a self-correcting system.

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