Audioblog for Oct 14, 2004

Here is the Bittorrent link and direct MP3 download for the audioblog for October 14, 2004. I play the snippet of the Web Talk Radio crew talking about me again but this time it is as percieved by me; I talk about the new show I’m doing for IT Conversations; I play some audio feedback and talk a little more about podcasting for niche interests; I describe in a goodly bit of detail what I do to create the Bittorrent version of the RSS feed; and I play a song from Phish.

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Dave Slusher is a blogger, podcaster, computer programmer, author, science fiction fan and father. Member of the Podcast Hall of Fame class of 2022.

4 thoughts on “Audioblog for Oct 14, 2004”

  1. I’m enjoying your audioblog; I found it through a link on IT Conversations. I’ve been audioblogging for several weeks now and just picked up the domain, where I’ll most likely be setting up a portal for audioblogs. It’s not set up yet, but visit sometime in the future!

  2. mihi says:

    Hmm you talked about your bittorrent rss feed, where can i find the bittorrent useing feed, as i use the normal one now

  3. Dave says:

    Dave’s the man! Thanks for the Bittorrent button, Dave. Now if I can just talk my buds over in our network security group into letting my BT client run properly from work…we’d be golden! *grin*

    Heh…I imagine I’ll just be waiting to use that at home…*grin*.

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