I Believe

6-0 Sox in the 2nd. Can it be? Oh goodness, I hope so. My dream of a Sox/Cardinals matchup is still alive. Well, that’s my substitute dream. My original was a Sox/Braves matchup, but reality bites.

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5 thoughts on “I Believe”

  1. RM says:

    Damon must read this blog 😉

  2. Jerry Brown says:

    I’d be thinking Sox/Astros if I were you…. 🙂

  3. Dave says:

    Richard, I must be one of 10,000 blogs saying the same thing. My brother saw a reference to a post tonight referring to this game as “Damon 2: The Awakening”.

    Jerry, when the fat lady has sung then I’ll believe it. I’m still putting my money on the Cards tomorrow. We Shall See.

  4. Marco says:

    Red Sox in the World Series!!!

  5. denny says:

    yeah… don’t count the cardinals out. i’m a big cards fan, have been all my life and i hope they pull it together for tonights game. i’d love to see them play the sox but the truth is i wouldn’t mind seeing the sox win. that victory last night was oh so sweet!

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