I Believe

6-0 Sox in the 2nd. Can it be? Oh goodness, I hope so. My dream of a Sox/Cardinals matchup is still alive. Well, that’s my substitute dream. My original was a Sox/Braves matchup, but reality bites.

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5 thoughts on “I Believe”

  1. Richard, I must be one of 10,000 blogs saying the same thing. My brother saw a reference to a post tonight referring to this game as “Damon 2: The Awakening”.

    Jerry, when the fat lady has sung then I’ll believe it. I’m still putting my money on the Cards tomorrow. We Shall See.

  2. yeah… don’t count the cardinals out. i’m a big cards fan, have been all my life and i hope they pull it together for tonights game. i’d love to see them play the sox but the truth is i wouldn’t mind seeing the sox win. that victory last night was oh so sweet!

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