Audioblog for Oct 26, 2004

Here is the Bittorrent link and direct MP3 download for the audioblog for October 26, 2004. I talk about music permissions and Creative Commons; I play a song by Chuck D from the Wired CD and an excerpt from a Spanish language podcast; talk about Jaime Hernandez and Robert Rodriguez (who I suggest as a spiritual father of podcasting); and now that I’ve got permission from the label and the band, I play my favorite song by DQE.

Bonus game for this episode – count the occurrences of the words “awesome” and “cool”, of which there are many apiece.

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6 thoughts on “Audioblog for Oct 26, 2004”

  1. Fully agree about “Rebel Without a Crew” book, and about the 10 minute film schools that he includes on his films DVDs. It’s amazing just how much he does on many of his films, from the music, to directing, to editing- wow. Having done a 30 minute DV video movie with coworkers for fun, you have no idea just how difficult and time consuming the process is until you actually do it. It’s great, but its a lot of hard work. I certainly appreciate the talent and effort R.R. has put into his work, and hope he’ll look in the future to writing another book called the “One Man Digital Film Studio” if he has time. Given the growth of digital production, TiVos, blogging and podcasting, there ought to be some sort of great convergence just down the road, so long as RIAA, MPAA, or the government doesnt ruin our freedom to produce and consume content.

  2. Joey Manley says:

    I’ve actually got a 128kbps encoding of the Jaime interview, if you’d like to have a copy for your ownself or for posting on your server and/or seeding to BitTorrent. Like you said, it’s not really meant to be a talk-show-quality audio piece, so even at the higher encoding, it’s still pretty harsh, but not nearly as harsh as the 14kbps. We put up the smaller file because of concerns about our bandwidth threshold (I knew Mark was going to be linking the interview on BoingBoing that week, and was afraid of what might happen). Anyway, lemme know if you want the file, and thanks for the link to GraphicNovelReview!

  3. Dave says:

    Jonathan, what I like most about RR is that he is full of enthusiasm and joy doing what he does, and is more than happy to try to exhort others to come play on his swingset. That’s the philosophy that impresses me, and that I’m trying to bring to the podcasting world. If you care, you too can do it. Show me what you can do, I want to see it.

  4. Thanks for finding the Spanish podcast. I’ve been working on my Spanish recently, too. The podcast is a bit, well, a lot, fast for me, but I’ll be reading the text part of the site and someday I’ll hopefully be up to the audio. Do Spanish speakers really talk incredibly fast, or is that just an illusion caused by my poor yet non-zero grasp of the language?

  5. Ditto for me about the Spanish podcast which I have to thank you so much for finding. I started learning Spanish 2 months ago and fooled myself into thinking I was making great progress… until I listened to Comunicando…. and realised I can only pick out 1 in about 20 words and don’t have a clue as to what’s actually being said 🙁

    I’d love if there was a full transcript to be found somewhere but of course that would be asking for a bit much. Still I’ll continue listening to the podcast to tune my ears to the sound of the language.

    Thanks and keep up the great work yourself Dave.

  6. pflocal says:

    Hi all! Hi Dave!! after reading your comments, i’m going to post the script of the Comunicando programs for the people who want to practise spanish. Some things are not written but it may help. Don’t worry about the speed and getting only about 1/20 words, i think it’s normal with a foreign language when you’re learning. Same happens to me in some english podcasts 😉

    Thanks a lot for listen Comunicando (means “hooked line” an also “communcating”)!!!

    Dave, good level in spanish and good pronunciation!!! sound s good!!!

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