Cards Laying Down

The Cardinals are making an idiot of me. Here, I’ve been saying that I thought the Red Sox used up everything in the tank getting through the ALCS. In fact, despite playing like crap they are winning consistently, and the Cards who were consistently the toughest team all year are unable to capitalize on that. It’s beginning to look pretty dire for St. Louis.

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3 thoughts on “Cards Laying Down”

  1. I thought the same as you at the beginning of the series, and I’m a Sox fan. Really, I thought that the Cardinals were going to win tonight and take it to seven games.

  2. Sorry. Barring a very unlikely collapse this is finally our year. The biggest difference between this year’s team and past ones’ – or last year’s Yankee team – is intensity. They have a killer instinct, and when they smell blood they for the kill. Look at what they did to Anaheim (OK a couple of bad pitches in the 8th let the Angels tie the score) and in the 7th game against the Yankees. They kept coming, kept playing, kept acting like it was a one run ball game even when it was 10-3.

    This is also very much a team effort. Every player (except maybe Ramiro Mendoza) can point to at least one play that they made that was important. THAT is very different than past teams.

    I like the Card’s too. Maybe they win tonight, even tomorrow night. But no way this Red Sox team loses this series.

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