Unreality Shows

It seems like every damn ad I see for an upcoming reality show is about some kind of bullshit show where the premise is that the participants are being lied to. Give me a break. These things are tedious enough, but when the core of them is a lie, they are unbearable. How can they be a “reality show” when the premise isn’t even reality?

Speaking of that, we are currently watching “The Apprentice” (not because I want to.) I notice that in every boardroom sequence, there is a stretch where Trump is talking, but the camera is on other people in the room and you can audibly hear the quality of both the recording and his delivery change. It sounds stilted in his “I’m reading but trying to sound natural” way. What the hell is that? Do they go back and rewrite his dialog afterwards to punch it up?

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7 thoughts on “Unreality Shows”

  1. Shroom says:

    Of course the script somthing smart for Trump to say afterwards. It wouldn’t be “reality” otherwise.

  2. I agree. What is up with this. It irks me in every episode of the Apprentice. The voice difference has been noticable since the first epsiode of the first season.

    Thanks for noticing also.

  3. Josh says:

    “Do they go back and rewrite his dialog afterwards to punch it up?”


  4. Marco says:

    I don’t care what they do, it’s always great to see someone fired. I’m hoping that Omorosaperson will be fired tonight (In Holland we have it too and they have to sell water in tonight’s episode)

  5. Mark Topham says:

    I had the same thought when I watched it last night.
    But, perhaps they are doing something stupid with the audio feed when they switch cameras.

    (For those in Holland; your out by a year.)

  6. Marco says:

    Mark: Why am I not surprised? 🙂

  7. T says:

    It’s called ADR, HELLO?

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