Happy Halloween

The city of Conway decreed that trick or treating would occur last night, and so it did. I decided to wear my wrestler outfit – tights, boots and a Champion tank top – while I was handing out candy. D convinced me not to wear the luchadore mask because it would frighten the kids. Out of nowhere, she decided to dress up in the Pocahantas costume that she bought years ago but never wore. It was great! One little girl was also dressed similar, and spent a minute or two talking about the ins and outs of their different costumes.

All in all, it was a lot of fun. Because of our position near a main road but off it a little, we got a fraction of the traffic that was going on 50 feet away. As is typical, I way overbought on the candy. We’ll try to remember this lesson for next year and scale appropriately. We were led astray by predictions from the neighbor across the street, whose big house actually has a front door on the busy street even though their driveway is across from ours. Live and learn, we’ll know better. I had a hoot dressing up and hopefully we’ll do it again next year.

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4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween”

  1. how exactly did Conway go about decreeing that trick or treating should occur on the night before Halloween? Were there penalties for those who chose to trick or treat on the properly appointed night, or even worse attempted the double score of both nights?

    I would think that a town which decreed that trick or treating on the Good Lord’s day of rest was inappropriate (the only reason that currently comes to mind) would also have a ban on the possesion of luchadore masks; perhaps D was correct in you keeping that thing under wraps.

    keep up the great work and don’t let the decreeing Man get you down.

  2. You make it sound like you think this is oppression. They picked Saturday so that you don’t have little kids running around like crazy things on a school night when they could do it the day before. It’s not that uncommon. The city deploys the extra police and things, and chose to do it on Saturday. It’s one of those things where everyone has to line up on the same day or it doesn’t work right. Having your bowl of candy on a day no one comes does you no good, as does ringing doorbells when no on has anything for you. Most of the towns around here picked Saturday as the day, it just makes more sense. I’d rather it be Saturday than Sunday myself.

  3. when Halloween falls on say a Wednesday do they back it up to the weekend prior to actual Halloween?

    I’m sorry, I’m not buying the ‘convenience’ thing and I just can’t imagine them doing the same to some fine Christian holiday (“the city has decreed that Good Friday will take place on Saturday so folks won’t be taking off from work to go to church…”). I see it as an covert attempt to put the Pagans down.

    I don’t want to diss your town or anything, but come on, you shouldn’t be able to just go around and change Halloween, or any other holiday for that matter, to a ‘convenient’ date. It just kinda suprises me that a city can just decree that a holiday be changed and all the citizens follow along in lockstep. Does everyone just do what the city says or only as it pertains to pagan holidays? Lets hope the city is not publicly endorsing a particular candidate.

    Watch yourselves or the next thing you’ll know the city will be decreeing that’s its ‘Fall Fest’ and not that evil Halloween and it occurs on the last Saturday of every October.

    Halloween is my favorite holiday and I live in a town where nearly 100,000 people show up downtown to show off their costumes, people watch and party like there is no tomorrow. T’were the city here attempted to decree anything about Halloween that messed with when it occurred or how it should be celebrated and I reckon there would be large displays of civil disobedience, the decree duly ignored and Halloween taking place on October 31st like it rightly should.

    keep up the great work and don’t let the Man get ya down

    – Sam Hain

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