I’m On A Plane

I’m in the air, between Charlotte NC and San Francisco, heading out to Bloggercon. I’m looking forward to it for a number of reasons. Hanging with my peeps, geeks of like mind, holds a lot of appeal to me. I want to meet some of the folks whose work – writing and podcasting – I hold in high regard. If I am a lucky man, this will be reciprocated in some small fraction.

More than that, I want to put this week behind me. The election is one thing, the horribleness that has been trying to sell our house is another. It was supposed to close while I was in the air, and I spent most of the morning sweating a wire transaction that hadn’t cleared and looked on track to screw up this deal. As bad as it is, as big as loss as we are incurring, as absolutely fricking galling it is to have to kick in a grotesque amount of cash to sell the house, we need this thing out of our lives. Tell me again how the tax cuts for the uberwealthy are helping me out, as I hemhorage money. Oh, thank god I have four more years of this to look forward to.

In the small favors department, I have a block of three seats all to myself so I am kicked back and stretched out here. I took a little nap, laying full out supine, daddyo! Always a bonus when you can get that in the overwhelming bummerness that is air travel in general. I’m listening to podcasts right now, Tracks up the Tree with Funtime Ben. Of course, having no iPod (yet indeed I love the name podcast, smoke that Marc Canter) I had to burn a CD full of goodies and play it on my iRiver. This should help me catch up a little. Thus far it has worked out well, because I started off in the mood for music and listened to a couple of TUTT episodes. Now I’m ready for some more talk.

Actually in my playlist, Rock and Roll Geek show was the next up. I think I’ll finish this one out and then skip the rest and come back later. The next one up in my playlist is the Linux Link Tech Show, which really is more like what I’m in the mood for now. Having listened to 30 minutes of them, this is exactly what I wanted to hear. I love these knuckleheads! It’s kind of like having your friends sit around goofing on each other. Of course, it’s downright comical how little they talk about Linux, but I don’t care. I’ve been meaning to email Linc Fessenden and rag on him about how much more sensible he is when he’s on Matthew Bischoff’s cast.

In about 3 hours, I should be meeting Dannie Gregoire and his girlfriend at the SFO airport, who kindly shuttlling me from the airport to the dinner tonight. Lest it be forgotten, Dannie is the brilliant bastard who coined the term podcasting, and with whom I went in on the eTech proposal on podcasting (which still has never been accepted or rejected as far as I know.) It will be nice to finally meet him in person, since I have more or less thrown my lot in with him.

Hope to see as many of you dudes and dudettes as I can at Bloggercon. Come talk to me, I want to meet you!

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