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Band of the Day! Man, I haven’t done one of these in ages. Today the lucky winner is Nathan Sheppard. He has a page with songs available at Most are Real Audio (ugh) but you can get the MP3 of “Travelling on”. I played his song “Travelling On” in the last EGC audio post, and I’ve been listening to it over and over. I find it is one of the few things cheering me up in this ugly time. As of this point, I’ve never bought anything from the iTunes Music Store. I’m considering buying a few of his tracks. If I had found out about him a few yars earlier, I’m sure I could have easily seen him in Atlanta when I lived there. Better Nate than lever, I guess.

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2 thoughts on “Nathan Sheppard”

  1. Jerry Jodice says:

    I agree with you completly about Nathan, but then I’m biased as I run Lost Cat Records, Mr. Sheppard’s label. You can indeed buy his music on iTunes, or at You can also find out more about the man and his music at Check it out, pass it on, and thanks again…

  2. Nathan Fan says:

    I heard that Nathan is no longer with Lost Cat, but can be found at

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