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I’m now sitting at SFO, waiting to emplane. To quote George Carlin, “Why do we deplane? I’ve never de-bused or de-boated? What’s so goddamn special about airplanes that they get to make up a word for getting off them?” Thanks again to Ruth and Dannie for shuttling me around the Bay area. I had figured that I’d catch a cab back, but they were kind enough to drive me back the airport.

Last night was fun and wearying. I talked to a lot more folks at the podcasting dinner at Jing Jing’s and ate some really tasty food. It was a deal where we paid a fixed price and dishes just kept coming. We finished with sweet pecan encrusted shrimp, yum! I batted cleanup on that, eating about all that I could find on the table.

Between hanging at the hotel bar, the dinner and the post-dinner bar business, I got to talk a little more with Doc Searls and give him an overview of what to do technically to record a podcast. I think perhaps on the plane I wll write up an overview of what I do, bearing in mind it is all based on the work of Hugo Schottman, who deserves 99% of the credit for the research into how one can build this system with combinations of free tools. Man, am I excited about the prospect of listening to Doc’s podcast! If I can help reduce the barrier to that happening, I’ll do it.

I got to talk with Steve Gillmor several times spread out through the affair, Friday and Saturday. It was a month ago that I was freaked out (in a good way) at hearing my name on the Gillmor Gang, and now I get to hang with the man. I quite liked it, but I have to say that a lot of the time I felt like the Karate Kid letting down Mr Miyagi. It seemed like he was trying to lead me to insights that I’m too dense to grasp. Steve Gillmor, welcome to the ongoing frustration that is trying to wise me up!

All in all, I met lots of great people. I must have talked to 50 people that said they like the show. That was great, but a little shocking. If you met me and said hi, leave me a little comment on this post. I tried my best to catch and remember everyone’s names but all refresher information helps. If we do this again, please please when you meet me, tell me your name. Maybe 40% of people that came up and talked to me didn’t volunteer their name and either had no tag or it was turned around. I did a lot of asking folks their names and/or violating of their personal space by reaching in and straightening out nametags so I could read them. It really is important to me to try to figure out who y’all are so I recognize your names if you interact here or I see you again online in a different context. It’s all about the connection, so help me make that as symmetric as possible.

My one big disappointment was that I didn’t get to talk to Lawrence Lessig. I walked past him one time, but he was on his way to be the leader of his law session and I had a mouthful of cookie so I couldn’t even say hi. He smiled and said hi and I waved like a dumbass whilst chewing my snack. Sigh. If I could have just had 5 minutes with him, I would have got his opinion on the use of music in podcasts. Not doing that will go down as the one thing I really missed out on from the whole experience. I was in the guy’s building, for god’s sake. All weekend long, every time I saw someone taking a photo in my direction, I pulled a stealth Lessig pose. It’s from the wrong angle, but up top here is Tony Kahn inadvertantly pulling a stealth Lessig. Below is a stealth Lessig of a different sort, from during the wrapup session.

I’ll be mulling over the results of this weekend for a long time. A good portion of what I got out of it was meeting people that I’ve been interacting with online. I got a lot out of that, but I heard lots of interesting ideas about the power of blogging in general and podcasting in specific. At the wrapup session, Ed Cone talked about doing a regional Bloggercon in Greensboro NC and afterwards I talked to him about it for a few minutes. That got me thinking that the Conway/Myrtle Beach area is pretty centrally located. There are multiple universities within one or two driving hours – USC in Columbia, UNC-Wilmington just across the North Carolina border, Charleston College to the south, as well as smaller colleges like Francis Marion University in Florence. Not anytime soon, but maybe next spring or summer I might think about trying to do that. Maybe I’ll float the idea then and see if I can enlist some help. If no one climbs on board I’ll bag the idea, but if I can get a few people interested, like say people in the computer science department at Coastal Carolina, we can push forward.

All in all, a great time. I met lots of cool people, heard lots of thought provoking stuff, and I’m glad I went.

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Dave Slusher is a blogger, podcaster, computer programmer, author, science fiction fan and father. Member of the Podcast Hall of Fame class of 2022.

5 thoughts on “Bloggercon Wrap Up”

  1. Jaime BŽátiz-Mendoza says:

    I’m one of those people that said hi, and that enjoy your show. Actually, you already mentioned me and my (now futile) attempts to be the first podcast in Spanish. Thanks for mentioning my podcast! I am hoping to put a couple more together before signing off for good. Once my wife comes back from Mexico my free time will not allow me to fit a regular podcast production, so I might just try to write my first blog.
    I’m sorry I missed the podcast food for thoughts dinner on Saturday. Sounds like tons of people showed up, which is great.
    I’ll be listening to you! By the way, I have fond memories of North Carolina: when I was 15 I spent a whole year at school in Goldsboro with my aunt and uncle and learned English.

  2. Dave says:

    Jaime! It was great to meet you. I’m very familiar with Goldsboro – my father-in-law lives there and we visit frequently. I hope that even when your wife comes back, you’ll continue. Even if you only do one a month, that would be great. I listened to your first cast, and I thought it was great! You do indeed speak much more slowly than Jose Gelado, and I find that I can catch maybe 60 or 70% of what you say. I’m delighted to hear whatever you can produce whenever you can. There’s no reason to feel pressure for any specific schedule. If you do two a year, I’ll listen to both and eagerly await the next one.

    Keep up the good work and keep the faith!

  3. Loyd says:

    Great shows, Dave. I listen to them at work and no one can figure out why I’m cracking up. Saw you at Bloggercon but didn’t get a chance to say “hi” but when I read that you’d wanted to talk to Larry Lessig but didn’t get the opportunity I had a thought…

    email him you dolt! *cough* Sorry. I’m sure he won’t mind offering up an opinion. Anyway, thanks for the great podcasts. They make work much better. You can check out my other blog at and next time you’re in California hit me up and I’ll be more than happy to run ya’ up to Yosemite and show ya’ around.

  4. Leslie says:

    Dave, I’m the newbie sitting in the back who didn’t know what whuffie hoarding was. Thanks for the education and the link! I was fascinated by the event and also like your picture of Tony Kahn. I love him – he is so smart on “Says You!” that he is a little scary. Best wishes, Leslie

  5. Dave says:

    Loyd, yes I am a dolt. It just when have been cool to have gone over that while we were both right there. Yes, I can email him and will but then I have to get in line behind the rest of the free world. Thanks for the Yosemite offer, I might well take you up on it.

    Leslie, I’m glad to help. I did give you a working URL right? It’s always hard to be sure in the heat of the event and writing this stuff down on paper. is the deal. It’s good the event was useful for you. It was quite a mix of folks, but it seemed like everyone at every level was getting a lot out of it, precisely because of that mix.

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