More Simple Pleasures

Bloggercon was fun, but it was fantastic to sleep in my own bed next to my wife, wake up in the morning and help her carry stuff to her car, sit down to work at my desk in my comfortable office with my dog at my feet. Ahhh, my regular life is so nice and I love it so much.

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Dave Slusher is a blogger, podcaster, computer programmer, author, science fiction fan and father. Member of the Podcast Hall of Fame class of 2022.

One thought on “More Simple Pleasures”

  1. Hey Dave…great post. I also love the simple things. They are really special. It is good to see others that still take pleasure in such ‘simple’ experiences. It reminds me of a saying…”The effect of life in society is to complicate and confuse our existence, making us forget who we are by causing us to become obsessed with what we are not.” I definitely struggled with this ‘effect’ years ago. What a brutal time and place in my life. I now just ‘take it easy’ so to say. I have been listening to your show…and enjoy it! Keep up the good work.

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