Hanging with Mr. Curry

Here’s the photo of me and Adam Curry from the Saturday night podcasting dinner. I barely got to talk to him during the dinner, but I did spend a little time with him later that night. All things considered with him being a MTV celebrity, highly successful as a business man and all that, he’s a really down to earth guy, just hanging out like the rest of us. Note that he literally does see the world through rose colored glasses. If Danielle of Audible.com who snapped the picture was slightly taller and standing slightly to her left, that light fixture would be giving Adam the full beatific halo effect. That would have been suitable for capturing in stained glass.

It was good to meet him, and it was good to meet everyone. I wish I had a chance to get a photo with every single person I talked to all weekend. Everyone was great! I had the tape recorder to tape folks for later podcasts and I just never even pulled it out of the backpack. Same thing with the camera, all this stuff was happening and then I realize that I forgot to snap any photos of it. Maybe if I ever go to another one, I’ll be in a little better possession of my faculties.

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  1. Jaime BŽátiz-Mendoza says:

    You guys rule! Great picture of this podcast duo.

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