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Great news in EGC audioblog world! As of today, I am legal and have explicit permission to use my theme music and music bed. I’ve been really worried about this. When I first started and I had 20 listeners, it wasn’t a big deal. As we got into 3 and then 4 figures in downloads, I got more and more nervous. I started in August trying to get permission but I never got an answer to any of my emails. Today, with the kind intercession of rock and roll angel Sonia Tetlow who put me in touch with Lee Cuthbert of the Gentle Readers, the deal was sealed. That is a great relief to me!

The way it is licensed is very interesting to me. Lee gave me permission to use the music for one year, which is not dependent on whether or not I’m making money. I don’t have to turn around and renegotiate if I start putting ads in. Instead, I have a free and clear license to use this music but on November 9, 2005 we get back together and see where we’re at. She said “If you have millions of listeners and are making millions of dollars, we’ll make a new deal based on that.” In other words, they are willing to give me free rein to make of this what I will, using their music. They see more opportunity in allowing me to run crazy and betting there is more value on the other end than trying to control tightly what I do. If, as she suggests, something big has happened this time next year with the show their music will indeed be integral to it. Already after 2 months, I was terrified they wouldn’t let me continue to use it. It is a very recognizable part of what I do already so definitely if there is money on the table next year they are getting some of it. They are part of the show, and as I said “If this becomes big, I’m taking you with me!” One more time I say, “All hail the fantastic musicians and beautiful people of the Gentle Readers!”

People have asked me here and there about putting a tip jar on the blog. If you were willing to do that and want to help out, how about putting those couple bucks towards purchasing their music? If you like it in the audioblog, I guarantee you’ll like the CDs. Our theme song is “Last Day at the Office” from their album Hihoney which you can buy from Amazon. You’ll get some rocking tunes which will improve your life, and they get rewarded for being cool with the rights to use their song. We are all winners! Don’t take my word for it, you can check out three of the songs from that album via MP3 at their record label. If you like those, please buy the album. Remember, they are RIAA free. Thank you and thank them.

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  1. Nicole Simon says:

    Ah, so your copyright has the same things as ours: time, place and location of distribution.

    You have one year, for your podcast (you would not be allowed to make a answering machine from it) and distribution world wide.

    And yes, it is very interessting to see that not all music bands are stupid but some of them really understand the new time. :o)

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