I’m in the process of changing over the default feed to be Bittorrent. I have thought a lot about how to do this to minimize the impact to everyone. I have decided on a long transition. As of now, the main feed is a hybrid. Beginning with the episode I’m posting right now, all newly published casts in the main feed will be Bittorrent in the enclosures. Until the old MP3 enclosure entries roll out the back end, the main feed will be a combination of both. I decided that if I did a radical switch and retroactively change anything, someone will be gratuitously downloading something they didn’t need. If I do the relatively gentle, slow swap, I think we can do the minimum of re-downloading.

If anyone has funky issues with this, let me know. Leaving a comment here is probably the best way because that will let others see your issues. My hope, fingers crossed, is that this transition will be painless and nearly issuelesss for anyone. Everybody should get the disclaimer/introduction file down, and most people should get the Bittorrent test file. Beyond that, all is well. I hope. I really hope.

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