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Show of hands. I got an email today from a guy saying he’d come if a Myrtle Beach area blogger conference was to be arranged, and he was down in Savannah. If you read this blog and would be interested in attending, please leave a comment to that effect and where you would be coming from. I’m trying to get a feel for the level of interest and how far someone is actually willing to come. I had been thinking that only people in a 2 hour driving distance or so would be interested, a semicircle roughly through Wilmington NC, Columbia and Charleston. If folks are willing to come from farther than that, cool. I figure whatever will happen would be on a Saturday, with some form of dinner that night and perhaps optional festivities the next day at the beach for those who choose to stick around overnight. Dunno, this is all just pie in the sky right now. All feedback is gladly, gloriously accepted.

It’s not going to happen between now and the end of the year, because the holiday season is a crap time to organize anything. Perhaps in the spring, shortly before the tourist season officially starts so beachfront hotels are relatively cheap, just in case anyone wants to luxuriate a little afterwards. Any thoughts?

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43 thoughts on “Myrtle Beach Blogger Conference”

  1. Kreg Steppe says:

    I live in Rock Hill, and I definatly would come. I always hated that all the good conventions were on the west coast.

  2. Depending on when this is, I could probably make it. I live just outside of Nashville, so it’s a short flight to Myrtle Beach for me.

  3. Dave Winer says:

    I’d probably come. I just looked up hotels on Expedia, and in January they’re really really cheap.

  4. Melissa says:

    I would be intrested in coming down to a blogger con. I live in foothills in North Carolina, so it would not take a long time to drive down. I am always down that way in summer to come to the beach.

  5. Mike McBride says:

    I’m about 8 hours from Myrtle Beach in Ohio, but I’m always up for an excuse to drive to the beach! 🙂 Depending on when, and my own schedule I’d try and make it.

  6. Josh Staiger says:

    I’d be willing to come from Raleigh, NC.

  7. John Furrier says:

    MB rocks…a ton of extraciricular activities…including golf.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Dave Slusher is tossing out the possibility of possibly organizing a regional Bloggercon in Myrtle Beach after the holidays. I, for one, would certainly be down with that. Looks like Dave Winer is also down. Add a comment to Dave’s post if you’re also down….

  9. James says:

    I’m down. Any excuse really. At the right time, I might stay a bit longer. You mentioned tourist season, when does that begin? April 23rd would be awesome for me. Is that around the time you were thinking? It should be plenty warm and beautiful by then. Though it wold be probably by March.

  10. Damien Stevens says:

    I’m intersted. I’m in Spartanburg, SC.

    Please email dstevens at if/when one get’s organized.

  11. Lee Wilkins says:

    I’d come, even if it is from the UK

  12. I would be interested in coming down for the conference. I agree Spring is a great time to visit South Carolina. I live in New Jersey and have driven and short vacationed in South Carolina before in the Spring. Actually it is not a bad drive down Route 195 from the North East/New Jersey. Lots of “Cracker Barrels” restaurants along the route.

    We stood at “The Plantations Resorts” right on Myrtle Beach but away from the downtown area. Would be a great place for a conference!!

    What I remember most about Myrtle Beach was there was an “Eagles and Wings” gift shop almost on every corner.

  13. Dave says:

    Thanks, everyone! I’ll have to admit that this is more interest than I was expecting, and with people willing to come from much farther than I would have thought. I think the basic question “Would there be enough interest to pursue this” has been affirmed. Moreso than a lot of places, this one will take some careful work with the calendar. It would be pretty easy to make a disaster of this by, say, scheduling it during Bike Week when hotel rooms are difficult or impossible to find. Thank you all for the input!

  14. Perry Nelson says:

    If it is held over a weekend, I’d come in a heartbeat from Knoxville, TN. Thanks for the idea.

  15. Ed Cone says:

    Hmm…off-season trip to Myrtle Beach…sounds a lot like my high school spring breaks…count me in. I’d expect others from the NC Piedmont, too…

  16. Tim Merritt says:

    I’m in Atlanta, and I’d strongly consider driving to Myrtle Beach to meet with other bloggers, particularly re: education.

  17. I would come to Myrtle for BloggerUnCon, the unofficial un-conference. Is Myrtle still a dry town on Sun? (i.e. need to drive to NC to buy beer?)

    I would be coming down from Arlington, VA.

    I’d love to meet Adam Curry if he’s not too busy hanging out with his elite friends 🙂

  18. Yup, I’d love to come up for this. Wouldn’t be able to stay over Sunday, most likely, but would still like to show up

  19. Would love to attend, and I’m sure others from the newspaper here in Spartanburg, S.C., would as well.

  20. Fred Fenimore says:

    I’m in!

  21. Barry Bowen says:

    Moving to Asheville in 2 weeks and would love to attend.

  22. Brendan Bailey says:

    Great idea from the Triangle! Let’s do it.

  23. Coop says:

    …if the “boss” okays it. Of course, I’ll have to fly Hooters Air. >:)

  24. Like, since I live in Myrtle Beach, I’d HAVE to come! Guess I should update my blog sometime… >;]

  25. Steven Vore says:

    On the northern edge of Atlanta-ville here, a ~6 hour drive iirc. Depending on schedule and cost, I “might could” make it.

  26. Anton Zuiker says:

    I’ll be there, and will talk it up among the Tar Heel Bloggers (

  27. Seven Lowe says:

    I’m in east TN so it’s not all that far for me.

  28. Tim Merritt says:

    I’d probably come from Atlanta for this, especially for educational ideas.

    [thought I commented earlier but it seems to have disappeared….]

  29. James says:

    Check between Ed Cone and Roger Strickland 🙂

  30. Dave Mancuso says:

    I’d come down from Lancaster PA–I regret missing Bloggercon, so it’d be like a second chance!

  31. mikel maron says:

    Yea, that would be interesting to attend. I used to work down in Myrtle Beach in my teenage summers.

  32. Anton Zuiker says:

    I’ll be there, coming from Durham, NC. Will talk it up among the Tar Heel Bloggers, too.

  33. Steve Warren says:

    Hey Dave, I’d consider flying out from NYC to meet you and hang out with all the fine people who are responding here. I missed Bloggercon due to work, and have been listening to the mp3’s from IT Conversations… wish I coulda been there!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Dave Slusher over at Evil Genius Chronicles is considering hosting a blogger conference in Myrtle Beach, SC and is trying to guage interest. I’m in Athens, GA and would love to attend the event.

  35. Matt says:

    MB is ~3 hours from Columbia last I checked. Could be interesting.

    Did you consider Charleston? Its is much nicer than MB IMO and has nearby beaches, great food, and cool old buildings. It might be hard to find a Ripley’s wax museum in Chas though 😉

  36. Bill Rice says:

    I am in. I will be coming from the Detroit area. It’s freakin’ cold up here in the winter!

  37. Bill Rice says:

    I am in. I will be coming from the Detroit area. It’s freakin’ cold up here in the winter!

  38. Dave says:

    Matt, no I didn’t. I live near MB, and can’t possibly do this outside of the town where I live. I just don’t have the bandwidth for that extra complexity. A Charleston shindig would need to be organized by someone else.

  39. Doug says:

    Sure.. I am there.. live in the upstate..

  40. Ken Kennedy says:

    Dude! Sounds very cool. I always wish that I could find the time to go to these things…MB I could maybe do, depending on exact schedule. I’d definitely do my best. Coming from Atlanta.

  41. Mike Elliott says:

    Count another one from Jersey who’d be willing to come. Be a whole lot easier for me to make it to this one rather then a Bloggercon on the west coast. Hey Harold, let’s meet up at a “Cracker Barrel” on the way down!

  42. Dave Bonds says:

    I’m not too far away in Augusta, and I would come up to Myrtle Beach. I’m getting more and more interested in blogging and podcasting, it would be great to have an east coast blogger shindig!

  43. I’m sorry I missed this, I bet it was a fantastic event! Jim

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