Urban Archipelago

Via Jonny X comes this link to Urban Archipelago. It talks in lots more detail about the red state/blue state issues I talked about in the last audioblog, and points out that it isn’t really a state thing, but more like “blue city/ red country”. Interesting reading.

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One thought on “Urban Archipelago”

  1. it descended into the pointless name calling of us ‘reds.’ Labelling all reds racist, sexist, xenophobic blah blah blah exhibits the same obstinant close mindedness that it assigns to those of us who have different points of view than the ‘blues.’ It’s this kind of arrogant snobbery that lost Kerry the election, and prevents any real discussion from taking place. As long as that’s a prevailing attitude of those on the left things won’t be changing any time soon. They will continue to fail to sell their ideas to the people they should be reaching out to, and alienate themselves in the marketplace of ideas.

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