Bittorrent Experiment, Iteration 2

OK, a new episode of EGC has been published. This is the second stab at the bittorrent experiment. I’m trying something that should ameliorate the slow times people were seeing. I think it is working, as it’s now 30 minutes after the publish became effective in the RSS, and there have been 40 serves of the file with 32 connected currently. I think last time it took around 45 minutes before the second seed came online because there were so many concurrent copies fighting from the only source in my house, that it worked against the process. There was more of a “soft launch” this time, so let me know what your experience was. Those of you who had terribly slow downloads on the first one, was it better this time?

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4 thoughts on “Bittorrent Experiment, Iteration 2”

  1. Nicole Simon says:

    I asume the time will be displayed in your time. It is 10:01 moorning over here and I have just 4 complete sources and a download of 50 kB/s + serving one other unfinished. (I can feed over the weekend)


  2. Chris Ledoux says:

    The experiment worked great on my end. I had set up the RSS Importer plugin on Azureus to pick up some podcasts, mainly yours. It was a bit flaky at first, but your lastest cast 11/17 automagically started downloading when your feed was a scanned. I’ve seeded over 1GB for this torrent and plan to have it open over the weekend.

    Keep up the good work

  3. pflocal says:

    the latest came thru ipodderX just dandy. Not sure when it happened so don’t know how long it might have taken. I also pulled down the bittorrent via Azureus where it is being seeded at this moment. Typically when I pulled down your torrent it took 20-30 minutes to fully retrieve. This go round it was blazing when it came down and took about 7 minutes.

    Keep up the great work and keep stickin’ it to the Man.

  4. Dave says:

    Very cool! Thanks for being “seeding angels” for me! I think we’ve identified that some versions of iPodder lemon was having problems doing the right thing because of the MIME type in the enclosure tags being set to Bittorrent. There is also evidence that it might not have been that. Dunno. This did identify that iPodder needs a little work in the BT direction, but isn’t that part of the value of experiments?

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