Few Songs Short of a Playlist

On Cult of Mac I’ve been following this story of the people camping out to get into the newly opening London Apple store. I’m a big Apple fan – I’ve never paid money for any other brand of computer – and yet I wouldn’t wait 90 seconds to get into an Apple store, much less 36 hours. Apparently, the dude at the front of the line (for some odd reason, it’s all Americans up there) had people putting joke signs next to him as he slept. While I kind of empathize with their enthusiasm for the company, I do agree that they are kind of nuts. Here’s a great quote from a message board about them:

“They’re queuing for a day and a half to get into a shop. It’s just a bloody shop. maybe a very nice shop, but still a shop. It’ll be there next week. They may be harmless, but they’re a couple of songs short of a playlist, that’s for sure.”

I remember a George Carlin bit that had a bunch of alternative terms for “tetched in the head”, of which my favorite was “a few Senators short of a quorum.” “A few songs short of a playlist” might take that spot.

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3 thoughts on “Few Songs Short of a Playlist”

  1. Dave, you don’t seem to understand, you can get a FREE T-SHIRT at a new Apple Store opening!!! 😉

  2. James says:

    Because mine is still “nuttier than squirrel shit”. But if it has to contain the words “short of”, then I’m going with the Senators.

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