Apprentice Lament

A little bit ago as The Apprentice came on with this retrospective thing of the season to date, I made the statement “What a shame it is that they all can’t lose.” In general, that statement applies to every one of these “shows of attrition”, any reality show where people compete and the pool whittles down. I hate them all, although that’s a largely uninformed statement because I can’t stand to watch any of them.

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4 thoughts on “Apprentice Lament”

  1. Rick Wezowicz says:

    I totally agree … the only person left that I like is Kelly. It’s totally not the quality of the first season; they are all annoying. Though, a few of the first seasoners ARE writing weekly blogs: Sam, Heidi, Omarosa. Sam’s is very funny … it’s at the Yahoo Apprentice page.

  2. Nan says:

    I agree. None of them are people you would want to be hanging around with. Just not likable. And incredibly self-centered.

  3. Dave says:

    Rick, you are kinder than me. It’s not so much that I wish the current four could all lose, it’s that I wish all 32 from both seasons could lose. I don’t like the show, and if it weren’t for being social in the living room I wouldn’t ever watch it. I could care less about any of them and their contrived struggles. I’ve got problems of my own.

    Nan, as little as I like them and the show that’s one thing I don’t hold against them so much. I mean, that sleazeball Mark Burnett rigs these things for personal conflict so I’m sure that goes a long way towards how they get this mix of people. Maybe this is how people at that level of business have to be to get ahead. Or, maybe just to get ahead at their contrived little game show.

  4. Nan says:

    Dave, you are right. I shouldn’t expect to find them likable. But they also don’t seem to be intelligent, logical or well-read. Not that those things go over well on TV. But you might expect those things would be useful in business. The cleverest thing about the show is the editing.

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