Recounts in Ohio

According to Wired, members of the Green and Libertarian parties in Ohio are asking the Ohio Supreme Court to review the outcome of the election before the electoral votes are cast. Would it be too goddamn much to expect this kind of spunk from the fricking candidate himself, and the Democratic party behind him? Would it have been so much for them to do the same thing, oh, maybe a month ago? The final two paragraphs of the article tell the whole story:

Led by a coalition representing the Green and Libertarian parties, the dissidents are paying for recounts in each of Ohio’s 88 counties that will begin this week. The recounts are not expected to be complete until next week.

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry issued a statement last week saying reported voting problems should be investigated to ensure there are no doubts in future elections. His campaign does not dispute that Bush won the election, but supports the recounts.

There you have it, lip service from the Democratic party and action from the Libertarians and Greens.

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