John Waters XMas

I heard a snippet of this Fresh Air interview with John Waters where he talks about his XMas album. It’s hilarious, as it is every time he talks, and I really do like the songs on his album, in particular “Santa Claus is a Black Man.” Wow!

He had a great quote talking about Santa Claus and parental lies to children. With tongue in cheek, he blames the Easter Bunny for causing heroin addiction.

The Easter Bunny is why we have all these heroin addicts. Your parents tell you there is an Easter Bunny, and everyone knows it’s a lie. Then, when you grow up and they tell you drugs are bad for you, you say “Sure, just like the Easter Bunny? Pass me the syringe.”

It’s interesting to hear him talk about how he loves XMas without irony, since I tend to associate everything he says with irony. If I were going to buy an album of tunes for a holiday party, this would be the one.

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