Due to the insistent and consistent prodding of someone I know, I went to the open house of the local fencing club last night. I fenced for a fairly short time in the early 90s, never advancing much beyond rank beginner. Hell, I haven’t even taken the gear out of the bag in many years. Surprisingly, the jacket still fit me even though I have fattened up and more surprisingly, I was able to execute some of the manuevers. It worked best the less I thought about it. It was fun enough and the benefits of getting out of the house and getting some physical activity are obvious enough that I think I’ll go back regularly. En garde!

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  1. Tom Ligda says:

    I was huge into fencing in high school and haven’t been thereafter. It’s been almost 15 years since high school and I still miss fencing. And I was good, too.

    Good luck in your fencing endeavors! Keep us updated!

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