Run on the Side

Last night we did indeed make a company field trip out to the Hideout to see The Siderunners. It was a kicking show, unamplified, with the band playing at one end of the bar as loud as they could. It was kind of like a troubador experience. We were standing right over by them, like maybe 3 feet from the band. The first set was songs from Ain’t Inventing the Wheel, which is what I’ve been playing in the podcasts. The second was new songs from the upcoming album and covers. They did a great version of “Lost Highway” with the bartender singing, and a bluegrass version of Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls” double time.

I am at this moment wearing my Siderunners “Country up your Ass!” shirt. I got to talk to Nate van Allen a little, who is the guy that gave me permission to play there music. He was really cool, and some of the other guys in the band said that had read this weblog from googling on the band’s name. They also said that they’ve seen spikes in the sales of the album on iTunes, at least a few of which I can take credit for. I bought the solo album from Jason Loveall the fiddle player, which I’ll play on the next clambake. All in all, it was a great time. The only downer was the extreme smokiness of the bar. The new shirt which I had never worn was already stinky before I put it on. Oh well, it smells like boogie.

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