The Spirit

Earlier this evening, as we got ready for house guests with me cleaning and my wife making candy (peppermint bark and fudge, yum) I decided to drop on the Vince Guaraldi Trio’s soundtrack to Charlie Brown Christmas. That just does it for me, and not just the big crowd pleasers like “Linus and Lucy”. My favorites on that disc are their version of “Fur Elise” and the Guaraldi original “Skating.” I imagine that some of this is imprinting on that music and that show at a young age, but it just does it for me (even when I spin it in June.) Things seem calm and pleasant and right while it is playing. Even if that’s just an illusion that can’t be sustained, I’m thankful for those precious few moments when the biggest worries are a lousy tree and a room full of oddly dancing kids with 4 fingers on each hand.

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