Voices in the Can

Alright, another episode of Voices in Your Head is in the can. At least, it’s in the can from my perspective. From Doug Kaye’s there is still plenty of work to do. We made the decision (really Doug did and I nodded along) to wait until after the new year to publish it, since we don’t want it to disappear unnoticed in the holiday hubbub. I’ll keep tight lipped about who it is, but this person might be more of a “crowd pleaser” in the sense of being perhaps less “literary” than the first two guests but more in the “ripping good yarn” vein. All those quotation marks are to say that I don’t necessarily subscribe to all the labels, but they are shorthand for what I’m trying to get at. I like all three authors, but mystery guest #3 is demonstrably from a different sector of the genre and almost certainly one more widely read in sheer sales figures.

The long and short is – new interview posted in about two weeks or so, and lots of folks should be clamoring to hear it. These are coming out less frequently than I’d like, but life only has so much bandwidth in it.

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