Home Again

The trip has been successfully executed. We went to Augusta and saw the family, hung out and exchanged presents and did all the stuff one would expect. I received the Achewood gift pack, thank you Marilyn! It was fun, but like every time I’ve left lately I just really wanted to get back home. I just plain like it here and want to be around the crib and around my new hometown.

Speaking of which, we’re watching How Do I Look? on the Style Channel (well, someone is – I’m blogging and not paying attention). While I think they all happen in LA, the woman who is getting made over was wearing a Thorny’s Steakhouse t-shirt. There are two branches of this joint, one in Myrtle Beach and one walking distance from the house. Small world, no?

In a slight bit of morbidity, we went shopping in my late aunt’s house looking for things we wanted and reminiscing over photos and items and mementos. We identified a chest of drawers that we’ll get at some point, a clock radio, a small suitcase and a small TV. I also took one of her bowling trophies, which I will display right next to my father’s urn in a small shrine to loved ones that are no longer with us. In addition, I appropriated my late father’s cowboy hat, which I really do want to wear around in a non-ironic way. He gave me his cowboy boots 15 years ago, which I used to wear to rock clubs in Atlanta. Combine them with the hat and we’ll see how I can pull it off.

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  1. Tim Windsor says:


    Pinning this to the most recent posting for no reason other than it’s the most recent.

    – First of all, I wanted to say that EGC is always a welcome arrival in my iPodderX (sorry, already bought it through Coverville, but I’ll drop iPX a line saying I heard them on EGC as well). It’s kind of the Yang to Adam Curry’s Yin (ewww, maybe that’s a bad image). I like its steady, rambling pace. And I even like your occasional eruptions of pure, boiling, speaking-in-tongues rage. As Paul Shaffer used to say, “it’s a fresh kick, Dave.”

    – That said, and since you asked about the music bed, I have to weigh in as being not so nuts about it. I never mentioned anything before because, hey, it’s your show. If it drives me crazy enough, I could just stop listening. So I kept my mouth shut. But you asked. For me, it’s not so much the volume, as the insidious repitition that makes me want. to. plunge. off. tall. buildings. to. my. death.

    – On your “Why Evil Genius” page you say the name comes from Wile E. Coyote. I’m guessing that’s from one of the few episodes where Wile E. actually speaks. But in that episode, doesn’t he refer to himself as a “super genius,” and not an “evil genius”? And wouldn’t that make this “Super Genius Chronicles”?

    Anyway, thanks for making the podcasts. Great listening and very thought-provoking.

  2. Tim Windsor says:

    Ah, here we go:

    Super Genius

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