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I’ve been informed that the guys at iPodderX (sponsors of the EGC clambake) are donating 100% of the proceeds from paid registrations between now and January 8th to tsunami relief. If you register your copy and use the coupon code “HELP”, then all that money will be donated to the Red Cross Relief Fund. If you were thinking about registering anyway, this is a great way to get your program while helping out.

We did our donation to the Red Cross today via the Amazon deal (Update: I’m wrong, we donated straight to the Red Cross not via Amazon). Please, help out in whatever way you can.

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4 thoughts on “iPodderX Philanthropy”

  1. Nick Bradbury posted on his blog a list of companies and programmers who are giving half or all of the procedes from their sales for some time.

  2. Ken Nelson says:

    Hi, Dave:
    I was planning on registering my copy over the long weekend anyway. I’ll be using “HELP” as the code, and following up with an e-mail to them that I found them via EGC.
    Nancy & I will also be making our contribution to either the Red Cross or Lutheran World Relief, who also is active in this.
    I hope this whole incident doesn’t hit us any harder than it already has; one of Nancy’s former co-workers & her husband went to Thailand to visit her parents over Christmas; we have no clue where her parents live in Thailand; we believe they are in more of the mainland area, closer to Bangkok; but we also know that she loved the beaches there, and on a holiday weekend…. Anyhow, we’re taking the view that “no news is good news”; we’ve been in touch with her employer, and in the interim, if anyone has any news about Jackie Howard and John Atwater, we’d like to hear it, whatever it is. They’re visiting there from Vancouver BC.
    In spite of all this, Happy New Year to all
    – Ken & Nancy –

  3. Ken Nelson says:

    Pardon the gaucheness of replying to one’s own post, but we just found out our friends are safe. Got an e-mail from one of Jackie’s co-workers, who we found on CNN’s site where missing persons notices can be posted.
    Ahh, the power of the internet.
    – Ken –

  4. Dave says:

    Randy, thanks for the link. That is highly cool.

    Ken, I’m glad to hear your friends are OK. As stunning and horrorific as the death toll is, I’ve read some flat-ass amazing stories of people who survived against the odds. Thanks for registering iPodderX with the donation code as well. It all helps.

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