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I’m trying to automate and make it a little easier to review podcasts that folks ask me to check out. As it is now, I get these suggestions via email or writebacks or IM and then I lose track of what I have and haven’t listened to. I think we can rectify that.

I created a station on Gigadial for this task and have subscribed to it with iPodderX. It is a public station and if I set it up the way I thought I was doing, anyone can add to it even if you don’t have a Gigadial account. That’s as easy as I can possibly make it for y’all to add things.

Here is my end of the deal. When I listen to podcasts, I’ll always listen to the things in this queue first. This is my beginning point, before the Daily Source Code, The Rock and Roll Geek Show or anything. This is my promise to y’all.

Here’s your end of the bargain. Please submit one and only one episode of your show. Because I’m just going to let that play every day and check out everything, putting more than one in is kind of like a denial of service attack on your colleagues and not how we play the game around here. Please don’t be hurt if you don’t get a mention from it, it might happen but can’t be guaranteed. It’s a condition of putting this into the queue that you are wanting some serious feedback on your podcast and you are adult enough and thick-skinned enough to deal with constructive helpful criticism. I’ll tell you what I think privately if you provide an email address. Negative criticism will be private, praise may be public.

This whole thing is an experiment. I have no idea how many submissions I will get. I wouldn’t be shocked at zero or near zero, I wouldn’t be shocked at so many that it consumes most of my listening time. Let’s just see how it goes, ok? If you are curious and want to subscribe to the queue of what people submit to me, that feed is here. Thanks, everybody!

Update: I haven’t used Gigadial that much, and I see when I look at the list of public stations that anyone can add to, several other podcasters are already doing exactly what I’m doing here. It certainly makes sense.

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3 thoughts on “EGC Gigadial Queue”

  1. Great! We’ve got two different shows, a pre-recorded interview show and a live call-in show. As such, you’ve got two episodes from me, one for each. Hope that isn’t cheating!

    Ciao… Evo.

  2. Evo, thanks for kicking it off. The other two files in there were me testing it out, so you are the first person to actually take me up on the offer. Cool, no?

  3. You can also add a button to your homepage to make it even easier for potential podcast-posters! log in > go to your feed > Create Buttons! (on top of the page)

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