Yesterday would have been the 58th birthday of the absolutely brilliant writer George Alec Effinger. I did an interview with him a decade ago and he was great, including sending me really long chatty emails before and after. I really wish he was still with us, writing with his unique voice. That is, when he was wasn’t flawlessly imitating the unique voices of others as O. Niemand. I barely knew the guy, and yet I still miss him.

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2 thoughts on “GAE”

  1. Avedon says:

    I knew him pretty well, a long time ago, and even though I hadn’t seen him in years, I still miss believing I would see him again. He was sweet and quirky and funny and anyway I was hoping for more books I could read.

  2. Dave says:

    Avedon, I know what you mean. Even just interacting with him on GEnie was great. I wish I had been able to have more opportunity to sit down with him and talk about SF and baseball and Days of Our Lives and all the other interests we had in common. When I emailed him to set up the interview in Armadillocon, he responded with pages of Austin restaurant recommendations. I too wish I had more books of his to read.

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