With Your Permission

I got permission from another biggish band to play their music in the clambake. I’m going to keep it a secret until I do, but I’m highly highly excited about it. It might not be the biggest band in terms of “units shifted”, but this is a group that means a lot to me. I played them in college, saw them live a number of times and really dig them.

Here’s a few hints that might just give the game away. The band was really big in college radio in the 80s. Key members formed another band that had hits in the 90’s and now the band is reformed in mostly its original configuration. Guess away in the comments!

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14 thoughts on “With Your Permission”

  1. Congratulations on this latest music for your podcast, and on the Gentle Readers deal, which I just heard about today (Tuesday).

    I’m too unknowledgable to hazard a guess about 80’s USA college radio, since I was not in the country at the time. In fact, in the mid to late 80s, I got my USA music news from Adam Curry on MTV! 🙂 (or was it Curt Loder?)

    I do remember listening to Drexel University and Temple University (both in Philadelphia, PA) late night radio frequently between 1989 and 1991. And I listened a lot to Virginia Tech radio while consulting in Roanoke, VA in 1999, GeorgiaTech radio in Atlanta in 2000.

    Even though Puerto Rico, where I grew up, and where I am living again now, is part of the USA, it’s practically another country culturally (like the Bronx LOL). College radio stations here are only licensed to transmit within a mile radius from the center of campus. And they wouldn’t be playing much rock and roll anyhow. Like I said, a whole other culture.

  2. That’s great. CVB is also one of my faves! Saw them at the Variety Playhouse this past June. As for being the Kevin from Georgia Tech…I have at GT connection in that after College I lived in a house in home park with some friends who were still going to Tech. Circa 1993-95. I doubt I’m the same one you are thinking of though. There is another Kevin Goff in Duluth that I hear about all the time! I’ll bet he gets asked the same question.

    Keep up the good work and play “Never Go Back” for me when you get a chance.

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