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Since Sunday morning, this blog has had just shy of 3000 comment spam attempts. Thanks to the defenses I put up, exactly 0 of these went through. I hope this onslaught doesn’t cause people to start pulling the comments sections from their weblogs. It does really suck. I hope that whoever is behind this gets busted or is forced to stop. I saw someone posting the suspicion that someone in charge of a legion of zombified computers is doing this. Does anyone have any confirmation of that? And, any guesses to the OS being run on the preponderance of these machines? I have my pet picks.

Update: I spoke too soon. Of course, while I was out of town and offline one of them got through the defenses a few thousand times. Oh well, at least blog-grep makes it easy to clean up afterwards.

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6 thoughts on “Comment Spam”

  1. Andy Skinn says:

    Did you see this Dave:

    Hopefully that will help the problem a lot!

  2. Ken Nelson says:

    — Ken —

  3. Jeramey says:

    I bet it’s Linux, there are so many viruses and spyware programs out for Linux now…

  4. Andy Skinn says:

    Hate to say it Dave, but I don’t think you should have been bragging about your spam defenses. Looks like some of your older posts go hit today. Hate that! Mine’s been getting hit recently as well!

  5. Actually, most of the comment spam (from MY most prolific spammer, can’t speak for anybody else) is from open proxies. And they’re both Linux and Windows webservers of all different dialects, along with some I’ve been unable to identify.

    And I’ve tentatively identified the spammers. Check it out.

  6. Ugh.. comment spam.

    I’ve managed to be spam free for a month or so now. There is definitely an “organised” feel to some of the more enterprising individuals out there, of course now that one can “download” comment spam software to mass spam blogs, it’s only going to get worse.

    I’m hoping some spammer will pick up on this, as my weblog could do with a big hit to test out resilience 🙂

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