Fallout from God

I’m astonished and overwhelmed by the feedback to the God essay. Thank you all for the well reasoned input. I’ve had dozens of emails, a bunch of weblog comments, and it all is gratifying. I was a little surprised how many people seem to feel that I am at risk for some kind of repercussion or persecution because of it. I don’t believe that I am personally and I don’t believe I was particularly courageous. I’m just a guy who said what he truly believes.

Of all the kudos this podcast has ever recieved, the most gratifying (and least deserved) was this episode of Yeast Radio that has excerpts of my essay juxtaposed with Lenny Bruce. I didn’t have Lenny in mind in particular in that essay (more George Carlin if any comedian) but I’ve always loved Lenny’s work and how he put himself on the line with his art. Thank you Richard and Madge!

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2 thoughts on “Fallout from God”

  1. Robert says:

    Just wanted to say there was much wisdom and truth in your essay, thank you. One thing that most don’t realize is that no one knows exactally what goes on after we are not here (ok die). We (humanity) must continue to look for the answers within ourselves and be willing to share and talk about with others. More evil has come out of when people follow blindly those they listen to. We have a brain and mind to reason and to ponder. I believe Jesus or the idea of Jesus is not about blindly following but is about the highest in what humanity can do and accomplish. We can do all things through that source that thing that is within all of humanity, whatever name you call it.


    PS, a John Lennon song comes to mind, “Imagine”

  2. Nick Cody says:


    I don’t want to be too clever here or go into my background or “where I’m coming from” in my reply. All I want to say is that I cannot think of a reason why you’re not right on about all of this. The same thoughts echoed in your essay have run through my mind. My favorite quote is, of course, “Jesus Points”.

    People just can’t face the fact that when you die, you’re dead, and it’s over. It’s really no big deal. Maybe one day humans will be immortal via Ray-Kurzweil-like human-machine symbiosis. Until then, we should cherish what we have because it won’t last forever.

    Right on.

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